Fishing at home

Do you want to go fishing at home? Yes, that is possible. All you need are your children and a few giant flying fishes. You must think that we are crazy, but everything will be clearer once you read this article on air swimmers. Air swimmers are actually toys made of nylon and filled with helium that can swim around your house. Now, you get it?

Air swimmers- what are they? 

The air swimmers are innovative toys with excellent design that will keep your children busy and entertained for hours. They are giant fishes made out of nylon and filled with helium and are controlled with remote control device working on the base of infrared signals that are being exchanged between the toy and the remote control. Air swimmers come in the shape of giant remote control fish, clown fish, dolphin, shark and other fishes. They have excellent and life-like design that your children will surely adore. Air swimmers are great toys for children of all ages, so you would not have to worry whether all your children can play with the same toy. Air swimmers will turn your living room in a real crazy aquarium filled with different types of fishes. The air swimmers can also be very educative because they can inspire your children search and learn about different species of fishes and they can also help your children develop their imagination, motor skills and spatial orientation skills. The air swimmers are noting like some other toys that promote violence and anxiety. With the air swimmers, your children will learn a lot about the nature and they will play peacefully with other children.

Where to find them 

If the air swimmers seem like interesting and educative toys for your children, you can find the easily online. You only need to visit Amazon and choose the specie that seems interesting to you and your children. When purchasing air swimmers, make sure that you always buy the original products (the ones manufactured by William Mark), because products manufactured by other producers are of lower quality and can cause safety risks for your children.


Air swimmers can be assembled and disassembled easily. They are designed to be used indoors because they are too light weighted to be used outdoors because the wind may take them to an undesired direction. In addition, air swimmers should be kept away of sources of heat because they may burst and deflate. Air swimmers also come with small pieces that may be dangerous for children under the age of three (this precaution also applies on all other toys), so if you have young children, do not leave them unattended. Air swimmers are great party toys and they are also great gifts for birthdays or Christmas. They are one of the funniest indoors toys and can be played even in winter when the weather is too cold to go outside. Once inflated and kept properly, they can be used for weeks. You children will be very happy and you will all have tons of fun with your new house pets. So, what do you wait for, go fishing at home!


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