How to watch live TV channels

If you want to experience the convenience of watching live tv channels on your computer, you will need a TV tuner card which is almost identical to the tuner found in your regular TV set, with one obvious exception of being designed to work with a computer. If you install a TV tuner card in your computer, you will be able to watch the TV channels with the use of the Windows Media Center. First of all, check whether your computer has a TV tuner card already installed. That information should be available in the manual of your computer, so read it to see whether it came with a tuner card. If that kind of device is not installed in your computer, you will need to purchase one. There are external models which are convenient because they directly plug into the USB port on the case of your computer, while the internal models should be inserted in a PCI card slot that is available on the motherboard of the computer. After you have that ready, you will need to select an image source, which is the method you are going to use for transferring live television channels to the TV tuner card installed in your computer. If you have cable TV available in your home, you can easily connect a coaxial cable to the cable TV jack and connect its other end to a coaxial input found on the TV tuner card. After you take care of that, activate the Windows Media Center on your computer and scroll down to TV category. Select the option “Live TV Setup” and the program will detect the tuner card together with the image source that is attached to it. The Windows Media Center will take a few seconds to perform automated tests and you will be able to watch TV channels on the monitor of your computer after that.


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