Installing an in-car tv aerial

The antenna, also known as a tv aerial, has to be used if you want to watch TV in your car. You can install such a device yourself with a few simple supplies found in most households and aftermarket car dealerships. TV aerials may be bought from an aftermarket car dealership as well, but you may also find them in electronic stores.
You won’t damage the interior of your car by installing the device and you won’t need to route wires from the outside to the inside of your vehicle. First of all, you will need to clean the window of your car with a glass cleaner and chamois cloth on the inside and on the outside. After that, take the antenna and remove the backing paper from its sides. Place the sticky side of the device flat against the left side inside the rear window. Push against it and secure it well to the car window. Allow the antenna to set for an hour before you proceed with the installation. Run the wire of the antenna down the lower side of your car, on the side of the passenger. Pull the wire under the seat of the passenger and screw the connector found on the end of the wire into the input for an antenna on the TV receiver mounted beneath the seat of the passenger. Put cloth tape of the same color as the carpeting of your car against the wire. You may enhance the strength of the TV signal with a signal booster which can be installed between the device and the TV receiver in your vehicle.


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