IRS Tax Resolution with Payment Plan

Many people today come in a situation when they owe more taxes than they are able to pay, so they need IRS Tax Resolution with a solution of a payment plan which will allow them pay the tax bill monthly and cover it completely over time.

This is a resolution to your debt because in the period when you make payments, the Internal Revenue Service can’t attach your bank account or your paycheck and it cannot force you to make the payment sooner than the period stated in your agreement. However, you should remember that you will owe penalties and interest, which will all be included in the determined monthly payments. If your debt in back taxes doesn’t exceed $25,000, your tax attorney or you alone can use the online form of IRS to apply. However, if the amount you owe is higher than $25,000, you will face a more complicated procedure and you will probably need to involve a tax attorney to protect your interests during the process. Either way, you should research your options and see which payment plan of the IRS would be worth for you to consider.

If you can’t handle the terms and procedures, you should consult a tax attorney. First of all, you need to file all tax returns which are due. The first step in the process of getting tax resolution is for you to file returns even if you cannot pay what is due and even if the case is for previous years. You should also determine the total amount of unpaid taxes for IRS. If your result exceeds $25,000, your best option is consulting a tax attorney, but if it is less than that amount, your tax professional or yourself may use the Online Payment Agreement Application at the official website of IRS.


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