How to taste wine

A basic question one might ask himself is – what is wine? It is a product made from alcoholic fermentation of grapes. Wine tasting is a process which requires a lot of practice, where one should never get used to a single type of wine. It is necessary to care about a whole list of aspects in tasting wine, most basic being where will you taste it, what do you need and how to do it. Wine provides the best feedback in a well lit room, possibly daylight, in a room which is 20°C in temperature. You should never apply perfumes on yourself prior to tasting a wine, since this can mix with the smell of wine (wine tends to attract smells like crazy); smokers shouldn’t smoke at least 2 hours before tasting the wine.

It’s best to taste the wine when you feel hungry, since this is when your taste buds work the best. There are three aspects measured in wines: the appearance, smell and taste. There are specific guidelines on how to test each one of these segments; basically, when you’re checking out the appearance of the wine, you are looking at the surface only, to check for clarity. It’s also important to spot any impurities and tiny spots that might indicate a lower grade wine. Smell of the wine is crucial to determine its quality; one might determine the intensity and the general impression of the smell. Taste is determined with small sips, shaking each of it inside the oral cavity to evenly spread the wine over the taste buds.


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