Simple desserts recipes: quick treats after a Sunday lunch

After a good Sunday lunch, most of us are used to have something sweet. Desserts are delicious, and it’s a good to indulge a bit, at least once a week, If you are searching for new recipes for your desserts, you will be delighted to hear that we will give you some simple desserts recipes that you can easily make in an hour’s time, some even quicker. So, let’s begin!

Simple desserts recipes: the quick microwave oven cake

Did you know that you can make a cake in your microwave? It’s really easy. It’s made in cups and ready in three minutes. A perfect treat if you didn’t have time to make something more complicated. The following measures you will need are for two cups of the quick microwave oven cake. You will need one egg, four spoons of flour, one spoon of baking powder, two spoons of cocoa powder, four spoons of sugar, one vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt, a bit of cinnamon. You will also need one egg, 10 oz of melted butter, three spoons of yoghurt and one spoon of milk. Mix all the dry ingredients together, and mix all the wet ones in another cup. Then combine all together and mix firmly. Put the mixture into two cups (half into each) and put them into the microwave oven for 3 minutes (800 watts). That’s it! Your afternoon craving for something sweet is satisfied. We recommend adding some chocolate sauce onto it, or vanilla ice-cream. The combination is a winner.

Simple desserts recipes: the petit beurre cake

You surely love petit beurre biscuits. And apple pie too? How about you combine apples and biscuits? All you need is one big pack of petit beurre biscuits, one 2.2 lbs of apples, one vanilla pudding powder, a bit of water (12 spoons, to be exact), cinnamon, sugar, milk and double cream. Peel and shred the apples and add them into a cooking pot. Add two glasses of water and sugar. Cook until they get golden brown. In the meantime, take a small cup and add 12 spoons of water into it. Pour the vanilla pudding powder into it and mix until even. When the apples are golden brown, add the pudding mixture into the pot (add slowly so you avoid having clots of pudding and mix it. Add a bit of cinnamon, just enough to smell it, and continue to stir until it’s thick and hard to stir. Remove from heat and let it cool a bit. Take a pan and add a layer of petit beurre biscuits. Then add a layer of the apple mixture (half of it) and proceed with another layer of petit beurre biscuits and the rest of the apple mixture. Finalize with another layer of petit beurre biscuits and let it cool for a while. Take the double cream and beat it into firm whipped cream. Add the cream on top and let it cool for half an hour.  It’s quick and delicious.

There’s more

You can find more quick desserts recipes on numerous websites. Talk about recipes with your friends. Share them, you fill get new ideas while discussing different recipes with your friends and family. Enjoy these simple desserts and make sure to put them into your cookbook (and share with friends).


The best juicer for you

Buying a juicer is like buying a car. You don’t pick the car the seller tells you is best, you try to plan and organize your needs and uses and then make your purchase.

When you are searching for the best juicer, first you have to decide what will your juice be made of, which means if you hate peeling and you want to put whole fruits and veggies inside you should go with something more powerful like a twin-gear juicer. There are also one gear and centrifugal juicers and each has its own pros and cons, and you should consider carefully all the upsides and downsides before you pick the best juicer for your daily uses. The choice also stands between a manual and electrical juicers. The electrical on is a better choice if you’re making large quantities of juice because is faster and more efficient but the manual is more used on day-to-day basis because it doesn’t make any noise while you’re using it. After you decide your uses and needs you should go over the question of warranty.

The lifespan of these kitchen appliances is very long and they are very durable, but still after a long period of time you might need to replace some of the parts. A saying goes “there’s no price for your health” but there is one if you want to own the best juicer. The prices vary from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer, besides the market is full with options so you can make an excellent purchase within the range of $150 – 450.

Explore the virtual world of

Online gaming society is a popular way in which every person who is attracted to video games will put some effort and join the club of many people who gathered in order to form web site which serves for the people’s needs.

Every person who is attracted to any of the games which are applied as a thing which is interesting to do while hanging out and chatting with friends from all over the world, there is a possibility of a person to create a contact which will serve him as a license with which that person will be able to play online games. When playing online games, the person can choose that he wants to play some of the strategy games which are available for free, so that person starts to play the game and after some time has passed by, that person will be strong enough to compete with other people who want to get to the first place or at least to the top ten list of gamers which are popular among the gamers. Text based games are usually the games which attract the most of the users, because those games are easy to accomplish and it doesn’t require a lot of time for people to decide and go play games.

Social gaming is a way in which the person who is playing single player games can transform and join many others in order to form an alliance which will take over the virtual world and conquer the throne.

How to find real estate in Courtice

Courtice is one of the most beautiful parts of the diverse Canadian landscape. The area has an interesting history, an artistic sense and a gorgeous rural surrounding which simply invites people to rest or have an adventure in the nature.

The houses in Courtice have a unique appearance and they can really be called homes because they provide the warm feeling and the family comfort. If you are interested in real estate in Courtice, you will be able to find a home which will satisfy your exact needs and preferences. You don’t need to walk through the area to search for a property on sale. You can use the convenience of the Internet and find different houses which correspond to your individual needs and book a visit even before you go to Canada. You can search for the listings of real estate property in Courtice on the Internet and you can also find and book a licensed real estate agent who will help you find the best deal. During my research, I was able to find many homes for sale in Courtice and most of them were quite beautiful. Different websites offer real estate put on sale and you can see images, prices and features without any effort, whenever you have the time.

The natural beauty of Canada, the high living standard and the reasonably priced real estate property make this country appealing to many people who are searching for their new homes. Being highly economically developed, Canada has many job opportunities in all areas, so make sure to research the Canadian market of your profession before you decide on the location of your future home.

How to make lace parasols

Whether you plan to use them as a part of your costume or for a special occasion, lace parasols definitely add a sense of Victorian charm and luxury to your entire outfit and style.

This old-time style of parasol will need an everyday, common umbrella for you to use as a base. If you remove the waterproof fabric and simply replace it with beautiful lace and some bits of satin ribbon, this accessory will instantly transform from a plain umbrella to a very romantic and beautiful parasol. The things you will need for this project are: a standard umbrella; ruffled lace trim; a square of lace fabric; 1-inch and 1/4 –inch wide ribbon of satin material; paintbrush and craft paint; decorative bead or button; a hand sewing needle with thread and a hot glue gun. Start with opening the plain umbrella and removing its waterproof fabric by simply snipping the threads which hold the fabric to the ribs of the base. Depending on the construction of your umbrella, it may require cutting around the button placed at the top. After you remove the fabric, paint the handle and the ribs of the umbrella, choosing a color that will match the lace you have. Drape the square of lace over the opened base and sew to the points where the previous fabric was attached.

Secure all points and the ends, and cut away the lace that overhangs in order to shape the parasol’s outer edge. Sew the trim of ruffled lace onto the edges around the outside, and tie the satin ribbon of ¼ inch in tiny bows at each rib’s end. Take the 1-inch ribbon and make a nice bow with a loop on the handle. You can use that ribbon to hang your parasol on your wrist. Decorate the parasol with a jeweled bead or a decorative button at the center on the top.

Xbox Live and Microsoft points

Every gaming platform has its own way it works, and every game has its own currency.

Take World of Warcraft as one example: you need gold to learn anything, be it the riding skill, professions or your spells and abilities. If you are playing League of Legends, you can buy things with either Influence points of Riot points. The influence points are earned for playing games, while the Riot Points are only acquirable for real currency. The Windows live platform, which operates the Xbox Live, has a similar system, where you will pay a monthly fee in order to play games. There is also a free version of this, but many features will stay locked, like multiplayer gaming or party chat and more. Even though many people dislike the Live platform because of it, the fee isn’t too expensive, so most people can afford it. In addition, you can acquire microsoft points so you can buy various things you like.

You have surely heard about Live Avatars, that differ from other services because they are 3D and animated, and you can buy various things for them. You can do this either by buying Microsoft points or by unlocking different achievements while you are playing games. You can style your avatar so it has looks similar to you, or you can do something completely different. If you can’t purchase any points, try searching for some websites that offer free microsoft points codes and other prizes in giveaways, and hope you will be the lucky winner.