How to make lace parasols

Whether you plan to use them as a part of your costume or for a special occasion, lace parasols definitely add a sense of Victorian charm and luxury to your entire outfit and style.

This old-time style of parasol will need an everyday, common umbrella for you to use as a base. If you remove the waterproof fabric and simply replace it with beautiful lace and some bits of satin ribbon, this accessory will instantly transform from a plain umbrella to a very romantic and beautiful parasol. The things you will need for this project are: a standard umbrella; ruffled lace trim; a square of lace fabric; 1-inch and 1/4 –inch wide ribbon of satin material; paintbrush and craft paint; decorative bead or button; a hand sewing needle with thread and a hot glue gun. Start with opening the plain umbrella and removing its waterproof fabric by simply snipping the threads which hold the fabric to the ribs of the base. Depending on the construction of your umbrella, it may require cutting around the button placed at the top. After you remove the fabric, paint the handle and the ribs of the umbrella, choosing a color that will match the lace you have. Drape the square of lace over the opened base and sew to the points where the previous fabric was attached.

Secure all points and the ends, and cut away the lace that overhangs in order to shape the parasol’s outer edge. Sew the trim of ruffled lace onto the edges around the outside, and tie the satin ribbon of ¼ inch in tiny bows at each rib’s end. Take the 1-inch ribbon and make a nice bow with a loop on the handle. You can use that ribbon to hang your parasol on your wrist. Decorate the parasol with a jeweled bead or a decorative button at the center on the top.


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