The best juicer for you

Buying a juicer is like buying a car. You don’t pick the car the seller tells you is best, you try to plan and organize your needs and uses and then make your purchase.

When you are searching for the best juicer, first you have to decide what will your juice be made of, which means if you hate peeling and you want to put whole fruits and veggies inside you should go with something more powerful like a twin-gear juicer. There are also one gear and centrifugal juicers and each has its own pros and cons, and you should consider carefully all the upsides and downsides before you pick the best juicer for your daily uses. The choice also stands between a manual and electrical juicers. The electrical on is a better choice if you’re making large quantities of juice because is faster and more efficient but the manual is more used on day-to-day basis because it doesn’t make any noise while you’re using it. After you decide your uses and needs you should go over the question of warranty.

The lifespan of these kitchen appliances is very long and they are very durable, but still after a long period of time you might need to replace some of the parts. A saying goes “there’s no price for your health” but there is one if you want to own the best juicer. The prices vary from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer, besides the market is full with options so you can make an excellent purchase within the range of $150 – 450.


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