Makeup tips: perfect dupe for an expensive product

When it comes to makeup, I am used to the good stuff and I don’t like when I have to save money on makeup products. However, I am not afraid to try some drugstore items once in a while, and when I find something I like – I stop being a snob and I admit to myself that affordable cosmetics can also be great. For example, Chanel Pro Lumière was my Holy Grail foundation for a long time. I was very, very disappointed when Chanel decided to discontinue the best foundation in the world and made me search for a good alternative. After trying tons of different foundations from various brands, my friend suggested that I tried Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum. Naturally, I was skeptical, but she gave me her foundation to test for a couple of days and I was amazed with the result. This is a vitamin infused, gel based, radiant serum foundation which provides solid medium coverage. I can build up the coverage when I want a perfect base; and what’s best about this foundation is that it stays during the whole day on the skin without moving. Well, let me tell you this: it’s not entirely comparable to the grand Chanel Pro Lumière, but this Bourjois foundation is certainly a great alternative for daywear. I really don’t want to waste my supply of Pro Lumière for work and I save it only for special occasions, so I am very grateful to my friend who introduced me to an affordable, but acceptable alternative which I can rely on. Check out this Facebook and Youtube page for more details!


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