Short review of Samsung c3050

If you are not fan of smart phones with thousand options, than the Samsung c3050 is the right phone for you. This slide phone has excellent slick and fashionable design and great colors (pale pink and stylish black). Its dimensions are great, it is not bulky, but it is also not too small either. The phone has sliding keyboard with large buttons, so you probably will not have any problems while typing and chatting with your friends. The phone comes with Bluetooth option, which can be used to chat and exchange photos and applications with your friends. The Samsung c3050 comes with FM radio and a recording option. In addition, the phone comes with VGA camera with panorama and 360 photo taking options. The phone also has option of installing 8GB MicroSD card to store all your photos. One of the best features of the phone is the long battery life, so you will able to use the phone seven hours (talking) and up to 340 hours (standby time). The phone also comes with Samsung c3050 user manual which will surely come handy if you want to know all about the features and the performances of your phone. All in all, the Samsung c3050 is not a smart phone with many options, but it is surely great phone for all those who are looking for a reliable phone with great camera and music listening options, as well as for phone with long battery life which will never let you down in the moments when you most need it.


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