My Take On Mens Work Wear

I work at a university and end up having to dress relatively nice five days a week. Needless to say, I have become somewhat of a connoisseur of mens work wear. Even though it is not very manly of me to say this, the proper attire starts with the shoes. Decent shoes do not have to cost a thousand dollars, but they should not cost ten dollars either. One my greatest pet peeves is when someone shows up to work wearing business casual with tennis shoes. To start, get at least one pair of solid brown shoes and one pair of solid black. These two colors take care of matching with just about any combination of clothes you can put together.Mens Work Wear	Next, I like pants to fit well. Having said that, I do not like pants that are too tight, that is not a look most people should even attempt. But baggy pants, especially those with pleats in the front, look unprofessional to say the least. I also prefer solid colored that are well fitting. Again, not too tight, but I also do not want to look like a kid playing dress up with my dad’s clothes. I like to spend a little more money on my shirts because they are higher quality and they are made to fit better. The cheaper shirts are made to fit a refrigerator box, the best I can tell. Finally, I like to go with plain or simple ties, no crazy patterns, to tie the ensemble together.


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