Renewing your guitar’s strings

Take a look at your guitar’s strings. What’s their condition? Have they changed color? Rusted? If you answered either of these questions positively, or you haven’t changed your guitar’s strings for a while now, it’s time to do it today. New strings will make your guitar breathe with full power again, making the sound output feel more dynamic which means you will have a much better time playing it. Often I hear a question related to how often I need to change my guitar’s strings. This is easily comparable with brakes or tires on your automobile. Old brakes or tires might still have enough breaking or gripping power, but they will start acting a bit weird and you might find yourself feeling uncomfortable during driving. This is all due to material wear which is a completely natural thing and there isn’t really anything you can do about it, other than renewing your brakes, tires or even guitar strings.

What kind of strings are recommended

First, I want to recommend a string replacement every three or four weeks. Most of us aren’t able to afford such an investment, but if you are serious about your guitar this is the way to go. For amateur guitarists and people still learning how to play their guitar, I recommend a replacement rate of every month or two. Everybody has their own opinion on what kind if strings are the best, what’s the best width, brand and so on. It’s important to know what kind of guitar you are playing and are you playing with bare fingers. For acoustic guitar I recommend metal strings while the classic guitar requires plastic wires. Either way you aren’t sure about which strings you should use when you get to change guitar strings, ask somebody with more experience, possibly the man in the service shop.


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