How to make apple cider viniger

For a long time, vinegar has been used for many purposes, like killing weeds, making pickles, polishing armor, dressing salads, cleaning coffee makers and more. It is an ancient folk remedy as well, since it relives any ailment one can think of. Acetic acid is the main ingredient of any vinegar. However, vinegars have other acids, including amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins. By following this article you can learn how to make apple cider viniger using two methods, and you can also learn how to make your homemade apple cider vinegar taste good.

Make Vinegar from Scraps

The first method uses cores and peels, thus you can eat your apples and make vinegar with the leftovers. You will need a wide-mouth jar or large bowl, apple scraps (like the peels and cores) and a cheesecloth piece to cover the jar so you can keep it clean of debris and flies. First, leave the apple scraps to air. Once they turn brown, add the scraps into the jar and pour water inside to top the scraps up. Cover it with the cheesecloth piece and put the jar in a dark and warm place (for instance, a water cylinder cupboard would be perfect). After a couple of days, the contents will start to thicken and a gray scum will form on top. Once this happens, leave the jar for about a month to ferment. After a month, start the taste-test. When it is strong and good enough for your taste, strain out the scraps and bottle the vinegar. The vinegar might turn out cloudy because of some apple sediments; that is not a problem at all. However, if you do not like the cloudiness, strain the vinegar through a paper coffee filter in order to remove the sediment.


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