Channel searching and additional setup

Your LCD TV is now in place and the next step is to program the channels that you want to watch. Press the menu key on your remote control and find the setup option that allows you to search for channels. Let the TV do an automatic search. This will find all available channels you can receive and memorize them. After they have been memorized, you can rearrange them to your liking. There is usually an option to change the order of channels in the same menu with automatic search. If automatic search did not find any channels, make sure you have connected the cables properly. When you are sure that everything works as intended, connect any other additional devices to the TV, such as computer or speakers.

Screen calibration

When calibrating your LCD TV, keep in mind that ambient light can also have an effect on picture quality. If possible, try to avoid any light reflections on your screen. The best place for a light source is directly behind  the TV. You should also watch the TV with dimmed lights and not in complete darkness, as dark environment may cause eye strain. There is also the matter of viewing distance. The bigger the screen, more further away you should be when watching it. For a 66 cm (26 inches) TV set, you should be at least 1 meter away from the screen, while for 120 cm (47 inches) TV minimum viewing distance should be 1.8 meters away from the screen. Next is brightness and contrast setup. Brightness set too high can make the picture look washed out. If that happens, lower the brightness levels until the black sections of the picture appear dark enough. Contrast levels define the amount of detail you can see. The easiest way to adjust contrast is to bring contrast up all the way and then lower it until you can clearly make out all the details on a white surface, like buttons on a shirt. Last is the saturation option. You can adjust this setting to your liking, however, if the colors appear too red and unrealistic, you should lower the contrast level a bit. We hope that we’ve provided enough information for you, and that you have found everything you wanted to know on how to setup a LCD TV in this article.


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