College makeup ideas

In the first part of our College makeup ideas for girls, we provided you with the most important rules that you always need to keep in mind when you’re applying college makeup. Now you are ready for the actual makeup techniques and you can start practicing different alternatives of the natural makeup look. Achieving perfection and natural look without looking as you’ve used makeup is a little tricky. You need to use quality skin care and makeup products. You don’t need to purchase many shades of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers and foundations to create different college makeup ideas, so make sure that everything you buy is of great quality. Avoid those cheap makeup products of Chinese production that are so popular on the Internet lately. I know that they look attractive because you’re on the budget and those products are cheap, colorful and good-looking; but you mustn’t risk your young skin with untested products that don’t provide you with a guarantee for quality. I had a very bad skin reaction from such products that didn’t heal for weeks, so you should learn from my mistake. Buy a few products, but make sure they will care for your skin well.

College makeup ideas for girls: good foundation is the key

What you choose to apply as foundation and how you apply it makes a big difference in all College makeup ideas for girls. You already know that you first need to clean, tone and moisturize your face when you wake up. When it comes to the foundation, you should make sure that it matches your skin tone flawlessly. Apply a small amount of the product evenly on your face and take what’s left on your hands down the neck in order to avoid streaks. Blend the foundation perfectly with the tips of your fingers, or use a stippling brush if you prefer. The next step in college makeup is hiding the tiredness under the eyes, the unattractive marks and the blemishes. Make sure you blend the concealer very well and choose a spot that has good lighting. If you have a really stubborn blemish that can’t get covered easily, it would better to allow it to show through a little instead of applying too much concealer and look like you have applied plaster on your face. Finish the skin makeup application with light powder that will set the concealer. Now that you have the base ready, you can continue with the college makeup ideas and make different variations.                                                                                                                 


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