What is green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract is something you have probably heard about in recent times, because it has raised many issues about its effectiveness and safety. As a medical worker, I felt like it was my obligation to inform myself on that issue, because people often asked me if I would recommend this substance or not. One of the first things I learned from the site http://www.greencoffeebeanextract101.com, and which I feel we need to establish right away, is that this coffee bean extract is completely natural unlike some other claims. Furthermore, it is for sure effective when losing weight is in question and there are many researches which can support that thesis.

Most notably – doctor Oz, the host of the famous medical show on the American cable network, conducted an experiment involving this particular substance on a large group that involved as many as 100 women and the conclusion after the experiment was that the women who were using this product lost two pounds in average. As we can see, the effectiveness is really there, but what about the safety? To answer that, let us review which substances can be found it this product. First, there is a certain amount of caffeine (which is to be expected because we are talking about coffee beans), which is a good stimulant in the battle with excess weight. Those beans are not roasted and there is just one fifth of the amount of caffeine that can be found in single cup of coffee. There is no reason to believe this substance can make you nervous or addicted. Furthermore, beans are rich on chlorogenic acid which reduces the absorption on fat and lowers the levels of insulin; so the metabolism can really work faster.


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