Divorce in Florida

Divorce in Florida is known by the official term of ‘dissolution of marriage’, and in order to get a divorce in Florida one of the spouses must be an official resident of Florida. Marriage in Florida can be terminated on the basses of the marriage being ‘irretrievably broken’. The first step towards getting a divorce is to file a petition for dissolution of marriage at your local court. The court will then serve these papers to your spouse, and allow them sufficient time to respond to them. In the ideal case, you and your soon to be ex spouse should agree on separation in an amicable manner, which means that all property, the responsibility for the children you might have and any incurred debt will be divided amongst you.

If you cannot agree on all these terms, the divorce will be finalized with a court trial. The court assigns a date for the hearing. The court will require proof of all property and assets you might have, so you will need to submit to the court copies of bank statements, tax returns, financial information and mortgage documents. Make an inventory of all the family and household possessions you have. If any debt was incurred during your marriage, that also needs to be included in this data. The judge will consider both spouses’ financial situations and decide fairly on the division of the assets, whether equally or with unequal distribution. The judge will factor in all the parameters, assets, debts, mortgages, the children’s age, custody and alimony.


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