Become a Master of the Dummies

If you are interested in some subject of science, sports or life in general; but you don’t have any specific knowledge on it, the “For Dummies” edition of books is the right place to start. There is an edition for dummies on any subject you could think of. All of these books are very helpful and resourceful: they can provide a beginner in a certain field with some overall knowledge and a great introduction which will create firm foundation for further information built. All people of all ages can find the edition of books for dummies very beneficial. You have probably found yourself in a situation where you had no idea what was happening. That happened to me when I decided to join my friend for some Pilates classes. I have to be honest: I had no idea what I was getting into, so I had to sincerely accept that I was a dummy on the subject.

I told my friend that I was going to join her within two weeks and I played the situation wisely: I ordered the Pilates For Dummies paperback edition and I was ready to build the foundation because I didn’t want to make a full out of myself in the group. I am a perfectionist and I always have a need to be the best at what I do. Let me tell you, I am completely qualified to write a “Perfectionism for Dummies” book. Back on the subject: the Pilates For Dummies edition helped me learn everything that I needed to know about Pilates before I started with the group classes. I learned the basics of this secret fitness weapon, I understood what it was about and I started learning the basic mat exercises. I continued with the intermediate and advanced techniques provided in the book as I progressed with my exercise routine. I can honestly say that I learned more from this book than in class.


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