Best screwdriver sets for women

I am totally aware that this is a men’s world we live in, but as a 21st century woman, I dare to say that tools aren’t toys for big boys only. Many single women are capable of repairing some kitchen appliances on their own (with little help from our know-all friend – Google), and as a result of that, they need a screwdriver set tailored to their hands and needs. Screwdriver sets suited for smaller hands are lightweight and usually have ergonomically shaped handles, which makes the grip more comfortable. If you are an independent person who hates running for help every time you want to replace one screw on your gadget, I have the perfect girly screwdriver set especially made for women: the ultimate She Driver screwdriver set.

images (2)

This set includes four stylish screwdrivers, two of which are flat headed and two are Phillips, and they are packed in fashionable plastic carry case. As the pink is the new black this season, three of the screwdrivers are pink themed, and one nails it with a zebra pattern. If you are big fan of polka dots, you can deliver your fashion statement with one of the Philips head screwdriver, and the other one has the word chick written all over the handle: how cool is that! This screwdriver set is so cute, that you will get an insatiable desire to start repairing things around your home. You can paint your nails in hot pink with black dots; get your hands on the screwdriver set and take a deep dive into this men’s world, just to prove them that you can do better.


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