Torx screwdrivers type t6

Doing your own repairs of electronic or other devices in your home or office requires the best tool. All these devices have screws, and because there are many types of screws, like torx or star screws, cross and straight, having the right screwdriver will save you a lot of time. Torx is a popular screw used in many appliances. It is mainly used in electronic devices like mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment, although its usage has spread to other fields like automobiles, bikes and other mechanical devices. The torx screw is shaped as a star with six points, and comes in different types divided by dimensions. It is available in these following types: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 and up to the final T100.

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They all have different dimensions from every inch point. The torx screwdriver also comes separately for each model of screw. Smaller dimensions of torx screws are used in electronic appliances. For example the T6 torx screw is mainly used in computers and mobile phones. It can carry a torque from 0.55 up to 0.66 ft/lb. If you want to unscrew torx screws with this dimension, you will need a T6 torx screwdriver. This handy tool will solve all your problems, because you surely do not want to damage the screw by using other screwdrivers. The screwdriver can be bought separately or in a kit. It is very cheap and prices range for $3 up to $5, of course depending on the manufacturer and material of the screwdriver. If you buy it in a kit, it would cost approximately $30, but the best thing is that you get several screwdrivers which you can use for various purposes.


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