Antique Row

They say one picture is worth a thousand words, but when you have antique Victorian furniture sitting in your living room, you don’t need pictures or words to describe the feeling. There is something special in old furniture and only real collectors can feel the difference between owning something from Ikea and owning something with lots of history in its layers. If you want to sell your Victorian pieces, you will have to find an Antique Row and talk to the antique dealers about its worth. Keep in mind that only furniture older than 50 years is considered antique, while pieces bought less than 50 years ago are sold as collectibles. Whether you are buying or selling something you think is antique, you need to pay attention of the historical period when it was produced.

Other defining qualities are also important, like special signatures or expensive wood. If you have a bowl which you think is worth a lot of money, you can find the nearest local antique store and discuss the price with the retailer. When you have a piece of furniture inherited from your mother and it’s too heavy to take it with you to do the trade, you should do the research online. Type the style, fabric and design of the item and if you can’t see it in the search, find a piece similar to the one you own. You can also upload a photo of your antique items on Google and narrow your search until you find a piece similar to the one you want to sell.