Sweet Foods as Menstrual Pain Medicine

All women know that menstrual cramps are one of the most uncomfortable and miserable experiences. Menstrual cramps are an irritating and nagging pain, similar to low grade headache or a toothache. When women experience menstrual cramps, they are literally disabled and the only thing they do is laying curled into fetal position. Cramps during menstruating are caused by the contractions of the uterus in the first couple of days of the period. You may ask yourself, “I Have Bumps on My Vagina“, but some women experience quite mild cramps, but other cases are quite severe. One of the best ways to prevent them is through a good planned diet. Cravings for chocolate, ice cream and other sweet foods before and during the menstrual period are very common. This might be a sign of low levels of blood sugar, particularly if these cravings are accompanied with headaches and fatigue.

Most women crave for chocolate in their premenstrual phases or during their menstrual periods. Chocolate increases the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, or acts beneficially to magnesium or iron deficiency. Women during their menstrual periods do not usually crave for other foods that are rich in these two minerals; therefore the desire might be caused by the sweet sensation and taste of eating chocolate. Cutting out chocolate or ice cream intake is not a good idea due to the fact that it might lower the women’s calcium intake, and everyone knows that calcium relives menstrual cramps. If despite the woman’s efforts to reduce the menstrual cramps, she still feels pain and discomfort, she must call her gynecologist and make an appointment to consider other options.


A place for healing the mind and body

I don’t like going to the doctor, I mean who does? It requires tedious waiting in line for long periods of time just to go in and talk to someone who is overworked, underpaid and just wants to get through with you as fast as possible. That is why I never go to the doctor for the little things. I usually consult the internet and read health forums to find an answer to some problem I might have. For example, I researched the Internet to find the best blood glucose meter for my father, and also found a nice ointment that helps my sister with her eczema. I use the Internet to find information for anything and everything, whether it’s for something simple as dandruff, or some more serious information, such as the choice of levothyroxine sodium based drug that would be the best for my thyroid therapy.

The Internet also helps me reduce my expenses of travel and time. I save a lot of time, and I always stay on schedule because it only takes minutes to find something that I need. I can order medicine and equipment online, in a safe and secure manner, and I know that it will be delivered to my door, so I don’t have to roam the city for supplies, and waste gas money and time during the search. The webpage http://www.welovewhiteteeth.co.uk/ is a blog for online pharmacies, which represent a well established international industry. Online pharmacies are present in many countries and licensed to provide regulated drugs to any part of the world. They provide over the counter medication and prescription drugs, although I always have to provide a prescription when shopping for such medication.

What is green coffee bean extract

Green coffee bean extract is something you have probably heard about in recent times, because it has raised many issues about its effectiveness and safety. As a medical worker, I felt like it was my obligation to inform myself on that issue, because people often asked me if I would recommend this substance or not. One of the first things I learned from the site http://www.greencoffeebeanextract101.com, and which I feel we need to establish right away, is that this coffee bean extract is completely natural unlike some other claims. Furthermore, it is for sure effective when losing weight is in question and there are many researches which can support that thesis.

Most notably – doctor Oz, the host of the famous medical show on the American cable network, conducted an experiment involving this particular substance on a large group that involved as many as 100 women and the conclusion after the experiment was that the women who were using this product lost two pounds in average. As we can see, the effectiveness is really there, but what about the safety? To answer that, let us review which substances can be found it this product. First, there is a certain amount of caffeine (which is to be expected because we are talking about coffee beans), which is a good stimulant in the battle with excess weight. Those beans are not roasted and there is just one fifth of the amount of caffeine that can be found in single cup of coffee. There is no reason to believe this substance can make you nervous or addicted. Furthermore, beans are rich on chlorogenic acid which reduces the absorption on fat and lowers the levels of insulin; so the metabolism can really work faster.

Back Acne Treatment Options and Information

Even though the face is typically what comes to mind first when we think of acne, it is not the only place it can appear. In fact, acne can appear on any part of the body that has hair follicles, which means that your back, shoulders, and chest are particularly vulnerable. More than half of all people with some sort of acne outbreak have it on their back or chest, and in many cases those outbreaks are severe. Your back is vulnerable because, similar to your face in fact, it has sebaceous glands. These glands secrete an oily substance than builds up in hair follicles and clogs them. The clogged follicles eventually form acne.

Types of acne

When it comes to acne on your back, there is actually more than one type. There are white heads, which develop after a hair follicle is plugged up. When that happens, a little bump is formed and there sebaceous liquid inside that can be released with pressure. Black heads form when a blocked follicle is open on the surface of the skin. The black color is because of the reaction between the air and the sebum and it not an indication of dirt. There are also small pink bumps that appear on the surface of the skin, as well as small bumps that all fill with pus. The largest type of acne is a cyst. It is a filled with pus and puts a lot of pressure on the skin where it is located. Sometimes they need to be opened by a doctor with a scalpel and they can leave a scar.

Ways to reduce outbreaks

There are some things that you cannot control about acne. For example, your hormone levels and genetics are beyond your control. But you can reduce the number and severity of outbreaks. One way to do that is to watch what types of medications you take. Another important thing to do is to avoid oil-based moisturizers and soaps. They leave an oily residue on your back and cause outbreaks. You should also limit how much you carry a backpack or wear sports equipment that can trigger an outbreak. While these are preventative things you can do, there are also back acne treatment options that can reduce their severity. Take a look at this  Exposed skin care review as it is one of the most common product for removing acne.

Treatment options available

The most common and easily accessible back acne treatment is to get something over the counter. Usually these medications include some mixture of sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid. But the other thing you can do is to just develop good skin care practices. You need to wash your skin on a regular basis and to use a cleanser in addition to soap. You need to make sure you get cleaned up after any sort of physical activity. It is also important to stay out of the sun too much. These measures should reduce the amount of acne you see on your back. If these things are not producing satisfactory results, you should go to a skin care specialist. There may be some oral medications you can take to eliminate your problem.

Buying new tech and checking reviews

Before you buy a new component for your PC, a new pair of headphones, a headset, a new smartphone, what’s one of the first things you do? After checking the specifications of the device, it’s a good idea to try it out, or, if you can’t, find some reviews about the device in question. This way, you will know if there are any problems that are specifically bound to the model you wish to purchase, and you can make up your mind about it. There are, however, many scam reviews of products, saying all the best about them, while the products aren’t really state of the art merchandise. If you are unsure whether you are reading a scam review or not, you can double check the product by searching for some problems. This way, you will see if people are often complaining about some part of it. After you are finished with reading reviews about the product, search Google for some more specific problems, for instance, type the name of the device and that it won’t turn on, or that it has a black screen, or that it freezes, crashes, that there are problems with sudden stops and so on. You will probably get some results, usually leading to tech forums, and you will get a pretty good idea there whether the device is worth your time and money or not. You may also find some good alternatives there, so give it a shot, and hope no negative articles and problems will pop up for the device you wished to purchase.